A20B-2001-0932 Fanuc 6079 Alpha Drive Pcb 1 Axis H106

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FANUC A20B-2001-0932, reference form FANUC A20B-2001-0932, available, tested. sold with shipment


Purchase online your Fanuc control board type Fanuc A20B-2001-0932 for sale. Fanuc Printed circuit board for Fanuc Servo amplifier series A06B-6079-H106 dual-axis (SVM-1) with Interface to control the power board of your Fanuc 6079 servo drive 1-axis. Fanuc printed circuit board located in front of your Fanuc servo drive to connect your cables, optical cables, power supply, batteries and the Daito LM32 Fuse. This Fanuc A20B-2001-0932 also have a LCD Display indicator to display the STATUS or Alarm number of your Fanuc Alpha Servo SVM1 Module. This Fanuc A20B-2001-0932 is tested and comes with a warranty. Replace the Fanuc control board A20B-2001-0822.
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